Selling successfully on Facebook has really got nothing to do with your product, it has nothing to do with you personally…Its about the quality of the relationship you build.

Relationship marketing is the only real way to make money with Facebook”… I just want to put that out there.

So many people get facebook business wrong: People aren’t on facebook to buy stuff, they are on there to check out what their friends are up to and touch base with what interests and inspires them.

Make money on Facebook

To successfully make money on Facebook you need to build quality relationships (image credit: Esther Vargas)


If you have built a great relationship with your potential customer then that follower will give you the time of day when you ask them to buy, but only if you have proven yourself to them first…and you do that with great content and a real connection.


You need to understand your tribe…

These days people have got to see your content at least 10 times to trust you enough to buy, a few years ago it was only 3 times. Add that to the fact that over 80% of people buy products recommended by others on social media.

The times are changing and to succeed you need to make people know you and like you. We are living in the age of the “influencer”, you can be that influencer. If you take the time to learn what works.

Create an internet business

Popular posts like this give your brand social proof, credibility and build your following.


Yes, sure you can write ads and target people with specific interests to get shown your products, but without the social proof of a successful Facebook page behind your ad it’s going to be way less effective and way more expensive. Your page is your credibility.


These days it’s all about social proof, from the huge companies all the way down to the solo-preneurs.

To successfully sell it’s way easier if you have:

  • Enthusiastic followers who actually look forward to your posts
  • Genuine engagement, show that there is a nice human behind the screen
  • Interesting content that inspires and enlightens
  • An actual face and personality that can shine through from behind your page
how to build a facebook business

Use your pages insights to know if you are on the right track or not…


So, my advice is to forget about the sale for a while, concentrate on adding value and getting great engagement from your page, by testing and measuring difference posts and their responses.

Aim to get 20% of your followers “talking about” you at any one time, once your page is humming with activity then start talking more about your products and services.

You will be surprised how much more enthusiastic and receptive your audience is to your sales message when they are engaged and genuinely like you…that’s when they buy.

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